NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES does not offer refunds or exchanges of tickets or service fees associated with the tickets which are purchased from our website. When a ticket is purchased on our site, the ticket is removed from the theater’s inventory of tickets for that show. To guarantee you a seat at the show, we cannot sell your ticket to another patron. When you purchase tickets from our site, you are asked to verify your order. BE SURE TO CHECK THE TITLE, DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION BEFORE YOU FINALIZE YOUR PURCHASE. A purchase is finalized by clicking on “Place Order” or “Complete Purchase.” The service charge will be retained by and is not refundable under any circumstances.

Odyssey and CineMagic theatres has a strict policy of not giving refunds for online ticket purchases. Patrons who bring their tickets to the theatre before the time and date of the movie the ticket(s) were purchased for may be able to exchange the tickets for a different date and / or time or may be able to receive refund tickets for use at a later time.

We are unable to issue refund tickets or exchanges over the phone or internet and cannot issue exchanges or refund tickets for past shows or shows that have already started.